Fauji Dil Ki Baatein at a Glance

“Fauji Dil Ki Baatein” is a platform which was created on June 18th 2015 in a beautiful evening by me, Dishi. I have been always attracted towards this profession called “Defence” and being a writer everyday new ideas, lines, quotes on this defence life keep visiting my mind. But seemed the space inside my cerebellum wasn’t enough and finally through the help of Juckerburge, “Fauji Dil Ki Baatein” took birth. 😀

Slowly thoughts started peeping up on it and then eventually, the thoughts of the other people too demanded to pop out too. And I thought it to be a great idea… to connect people.. to exchange ideas, to inspire people, to motivate them to join forces and of course to love more defence life more than before… 🙂

My thoughts got a pair of wings and within late they reached to every fauji heart…and everyone who were addicted by this strong drug of “Faujiness”. So the journey began with a normal facebook page and with the large members list, this blog came to FDKB’S life to support and stand for it, as an Identity…. 🙂